Who We Are


The Bad Betty Club is a lifestyle, not just a brand. 

Origins: The Bad Betty Club was founded in Boulder Colorado in the 1980's as a part of The Incline Club. The Incline Club was a true, experiential lifestyle brand dedicated to extreme athletes, from heli-skiing to windsurfing, the triangles represent Fun on Extreme Angles. The Bad Betty Club came out of the Incline Club as a line to celebrate the bad ass women of the extreme sports world. The nickname Betty comes from 3 generations of Elizabeth. 

Evolution of the Bad Betty: Today, as the 3rd generation Betty, I am reviving the Bad Betty Club for the next generation. Embodying the original aspects of a lifestyle brand for Bad Ass Women, but going outside of extreme sports. My goal is to create a platform for powerful (REAL) women across all lifestyles.

Bold, Benevolent & Boundless, we are The Bad Betty Club.  


Wizzie Carrier, CEO and 3rd Generation Bad Betty